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Now the work has gradually become a matter of course, this may be a lucky, it is worth a memorable experience. More than a month of probation down, their efforts, but also a lot of progress and learned a lot of things not previously, I think this is not only work, more importantly, gave me a chance to learn and exercise. In the help and support of various departments, I do a good job co-ordination and upload work, to work in front, do the first, whether work capacity, or the quality of thinking has been further improved, better completed the company propaganda , Personnel management, staff training, file management, logistics services and corporate security and other aspects of the task. In order to strengthen the management of people, money and materials, I improved various management systems in the past, highlighted the system management, strictly according to regulations, to further clarify the work responsibilities, improve the use of official seals, paper use, computer use, leave, duty Various routine management, fully reflects the management of people do not thinking, the work orderly.

Do the work of the Office, a higher theoretical quality and analytical ability to solve problems. Learning through various means, for which the offices are equipped with computers, the use of online resources to learn and work-related knowledge, and constantly broaden their horizons, rich minds, enhance their ability to keep up with the development of the situation to meet the needs of the work. Improve the theoretical level, professional quality and ability to work.

Willing to work with others, have a strong teamwork skills; strong sense of responsibility, and indeed complete the work of the leadership of the delivery, the work of the work of self- And the company colleagues to work together, the relationship between harmony and harmony, with the department head successfully completed the work.

work in the days, I gradually fell in love with this place, like the job, want to slowly grow up here to become a qualified official in the staff, a month of study and work, let me Growing a lot in the future I will continue to work, as always, to maintain a good style, and constantly improve themselves and make some success.

Four years of university study, learn more professional basic knowledge and then is a self-learning ability, and practical experience, social experience is very scarce. As a graduate, the beginning of the company, have been very worried about how I do not know how to coexist, how to do a good job, but the company relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere, good learning development opportunities, so I quickly completed from students to staff . Can correctly face the setback, dialectical look at the problem. Work can always maintain a positive attitude, and strive to work.

The past year is a year of constant learning and enrichment, a year of active exploration and gradual growth. Of course, entering the workplace, inevitably inexperienced, in business knowledge, and their own work requirements there are still some gaps. But these experiences also let me continue to mature, in dealing with a variety of issues to consider a more comprehensive, professional skills have been strengthened. Here, I would like to thank the leadership of the company and my colleagues to cultivate the guidance of my induction and help, for their mistakes in my work reminders and corrections. I also know that graduation is only a small step in school, society is a real university. In future work, I will strive to identify their own position, to do their best to contribute to the company for the company to create real wealth, but also for their own to seek a greater progress.








三、兢兢业业、勤勤恳恳,努力勤奋地工。 几年来,本人在工作中勤勤恳恳,任劳任怨,从没有因为个人的原因而拉下工作,从没有旷工、旷课现象,也没有迟到早退现象。这几年来,本人不仅担负学校计算机课程教学任务和班主任工作,还担负学校与浙江大学远程教育学院联办的网大班的教学教务任务,本人做一行爱一行,教学工作毫不懈怠,教学教务工作也搞得有声有色,多次受到上级主管部门和业务部门的表彰,几年来本人多次获得校“先进工作者”称号。 在本人做班主任几年中,本人十分注重学生的思想政治工作,坚持德育为首的原则,取得了一定的成绩,本人所代的班级曾被评为“先进班级”,本人也多次受到了学校的表彰。

四、勤学习、勤研究、勤工作,努力创造佳绩。担任教师以来,本人时时处处严格要求自己,在教学、教育等工作上取得了一定的成绩。 当然,本人还有这样和那样的不足,主要表现在一是吃苦精神不够,二是工作的主动性不够,三是业务能力还有待于进一步提高。在今后的工作中,本人将扬长避短,努力学习,不断提高,努力工作,再创佳绩,不负教师这个光荣称号。